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Published on April 30, 2009 By mommie4life In Welcome

Wasn't really sure where to put this, but guess this will do. I figured I'd better take a minute and introduce myself right fast. As some of you may have noticed I seem to have conflicting views, but really I don't. I just don't live by the norm and don't try to limit my ideals to one playing field or the other. I'm registered Republican, but that doesn't mean that I agree with all the Republican ideals, they're just the party that fit me better. I'm a non-denominational Christian, but I often fight with other Christians on how the Bible should be interpreted. Sounds more confusing than it is, most of the time at least.

I just believe in what makes sense. I've weighed many things against each other in my lifetime so far and have come to the conclusion that to me makes the best sense. I've been in the military, though I'll admit it was only for a year, I have lived in California, Georgia, Germany, and North Carolina. I've had four children the oldest of which is currently seven. I'm also working towards a degree in Accounting as time and money permits.

I have an open mind and if you supply me with facts that can be proved I am more than happy to listen to them and adjust my thinking to accomodate them. I'm not going to claim that I know everything, but I won't claim to know nothing either. I will always take your words into consideration, even if I don't agree with them, and hope that you will take mine into consideration as well.

I am still rather young, almost twenty-seven years old, but I have also delt with many things in my life that some people much older than me have not, though there are some that are younger than me that I'm sure have delt with more. I do my best to allow everyone an equal opportunity and to keep things even straight across the board. If I do make a generalization it is just that, a generalization, please do not take it personally as it wasn't meant that way. Anyways, I thought that a brief introduction to how I work might help some people understand my posts a little bit better. I hope to post more articles later on, but I'm also a procrasinator, so I can't say when they will be up or if I do more than this.... *sigh*

on May 01, 2009

Welcome aboard.

on May 01, 2009

Welcome!  Glad to have another voice!

on May 01, 2009

Thanks for the welcome guys.

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